Sisjuly ស្ត្រីរសជាតិ ១៩៥០ នាប័ទ្មរ៉ូបផ្កាបោះពុម្ពការគណបក្សរ៉ូបខ្មៅឆើតស្ត្រីអតីតសម្រុកធុរ៉ូបដៃវាល



៛158 171.91 ៛94 911.21

ស្លាក: ១៩៥០ ស្លៀក, ១៩៥០ នាប័ទ្មរ៉ូ, រសជាតិ ១៩៥០ រ៉ូ, មានតំលៃថោ ១៩៥០ ស្លៀក, គុណភាពខ្ព ១៩៥០ នាប័ទ្មរ៉ូ, ប្រទេសចិនរសជាតិ ១៩៥០ រ៉ូផ្គត់ផ្គង់.

Sisjuly ស្ត្រីរសជាតិ ១៩៥០ នាប័ទ្មរ៉ូបផ្កាបោះពុម្ពការគណបក្សរ៉ូបខ្មៅឆើតស្ត្រីអតីតសម្រុកធុរ៉ូបដៃវាល

  • តុបតែង: គ្មាន
  • ទំហំ: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL, 4XL
  • លេខម៉ូដែល: ដប់ពីរលានប្រាំបីរយសាមសិបមួយពាន់ប្រាំពីររយកៅសិប
  • Petticoat : គ្មាន
  • ដៃអាវរចនាប័ទ្ម: ធុង
  • នឌ័រ: ស្រ្តី
  • ម៉ូ: មួយបន្ទាត់
  • ចង្កេះ: ធម្មជាតិ
  • នាប័ទ្ម: រសជាតិ
  • ដៃអាវប្រវែង(ម៉ែត្រ): ដៃ
  • សម្ភារៈ: សំណាញ់
  • Neckline: ឱក
  • រ៉ូបវែង: ជង្គង់ប្រវែង
  • ឈ្មោះយីហោ: Sisjuly
  • លំនាំ: ផ្កា,ពណ៌ប្លុក
  • រដូវកាល: រដូវក្តៅ
  • ការបិទ: រ៉ូ
  • លំនាំប្រភេទ: ការបោះពុម្ព
  • សំអាងការ: ការសម្រុក
  • អង្គភាពប្រភេទ: ដុំ
  • កញ្ចប់ទម្ងន់: 0.5kg (1.10lb.)
  • ទំហំកញ្ចប់: 20cm x 16cm x 4cm (7.87in x 6.30in x 1.57in)
заказала 11. 11. received-19.12. 17 on don rostov! отслеживалось! took size xxl! like sheer dress, good but my figure "apple's very! top big, standard waist incidentally inflated waist dress has, it depends on and can figure! my height 164 cm, weight 69кг.! coupon брала with seller!
Arrived in Canada in just 11 days. Package was tracked the entire way through ePacket delivery. Beautiful dress. Dress is exactly as described, both in measurements and design. Fits perfectly. No smell. Black fabric for the top of the dress is also a bit stretchy. The edges of the tulle fabric are cut a bit unevenly, but it's not very noticeable. There was also one loose black thread that affected the embroidery design for the dress that I received (last photo), which also isn't that noticeable. Still a great dress though.
Jirateep P
buy this dress the second time, tk. slightly first appeared very much. ог-88 parameters on, first time от-68 as large size m and turned it took the chest, and waist. s and перезаказала effect is good, not say in straight обтяг that, but better. fast shipping 18 days. эффектное and dress is very beautiful! amazing embroidery, hem slightly срезано crooked, such as need so process. such price but over купишь is not in no way at dress! and satisfied therefore recommend!
dress сахалинской month delivered to, отслеживалось to your destination. of embroidery crochet thread, modify to bottom scissors white petticoat/b. og on 85, of 66, height 153, заказала size s fit.
Arch Tanya
arrived in perfect condition, however it took over 3 months, but venho all in order, bought the xl and stayed slightly big, issue a finger each side, think the l had gotten better!